About Us

How it all began...

After meeting a few years back while working on the committee of an annual charity event, our conversations turned to our desire to open our own scrapbooking business.  We discussed it off and on for quite a while...and at a very important breakfast meeting at the Broken Yolk in downtown San Diego, we decided to go for it!

We solidified our decision in our "normal" quirky way by posting a "Both Feet In" post on our personal FB pages.  Knowing it was cryptic enough to keep it under wraps for a while longer, it definitely empowered us to keep the process moving.

At first, we thought we wanted to open our own version of a brick 'n mortar scrapbooking store, but we quickly realized we wanted a business that could thrive, but would still allow us to spend time with our families.

We also knew that we loved to attend scrapbooking retreats but also had our own vision of what the "perfect" retreat looked like.  It would be in an intimate setting, would be ALL INCLUSIVE, and would be based on a foundation of relaxation, inspiration, kinship, and most of all laughter!

Out of all of this planning, Picture This Boutique & Retreats was born.  Our business model includes hosting our own scrapbooking retreats in the beautiful hills of Fallbrook, CA.  We also own a "mobile" boutique which we set up at our PTBR hosted retreats as well as other local retreat company's retreats.

We feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to open a business that we are very passionate about.  The fact that we get to spoil our retreat attendees and carry both traditional as well as unique scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies in our boutique just warms our hearts:)

We look forward to seeing you at our events and visiting our boutique!

With Love,

Lizzy and Lori

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